The simple tips to make your website get to the google first page

Getting your website to the first page of google is hard. Yes, it’s true. Unless, if you know how to do it. Although there are many Jasa SEO Jakarta that will help you to do it, you can learn by yourself if you want to save more of your business budget. There are several ways to boost your website rank on the google search result.

1. SEO-friendly

This is an old issue but still very important. The backlinks, private blog networks, keyword research and much more are must be learned if you wish your website to reach the first page of google.

2. Wrong keyword management

The keyword management and research must be done correctly, it’s because you can’t simply put all of the popular keywords to your website contents, or it will be banned by the google itself. That’s because your website will appear on the keyword search that’s not specifically looking for your website. You have to choose the correct keyword, and not putting as much as you want.

3. Human-friendly

The google AI will be able to evaluate the websites that have been clicked by many human visitors. Just SEO-friendly is not enough. Your website content must be favored by the humans as well.