Digestive disorders in your dog, we have a solution!

Digestive problems in dogs are one of the most common reasons why we visit the vet. Often the causes of digestive problems rather shallow and easily solved, but sometimes it is very urgent and more difficult to solve. Are digestive problems such as diarrhea, occur also on your dog? Your dog sometimes has diarrhea which only means that dogs excreted loose, stool-shaped with a larger proportion of water. In many cases, there is also increasing the number of stools and often also a higher frequency of defecation. In dogs, there are a large number of potential causes for the occurrence of diarrhea. Diarrhea because it is not a disease but as one of the symptoms. Some doctors will advise you to use probiotics for dogs.

There are two main reasons which represent the majority of cases of diarrhea in dogs. The first is poisoned with stale food or eating according to your dog’s digestive ability. Second is infestation by parasites. When dogs eat the food will last for 8 hours to be digested by the small intestine, is now usu walls absorb most of the nutrients from the food ingested and about 80% water. In usu large, mass will concentrate residues from food is digested and absorbed by the water anymore. At the end of the anus is released from manure that is not shaped, relatively dense and cylindrical. Feces are normally not contained lenders, whole blood or undigested food particles.