The sports that often to cause the hand bone fracture

It’s true that all of the sports and activities have their own risk of causing a bone fracture accidentally, especially the rough physical sports. Almost all of the sports are requiring our hand, so they can be played properly. According to Hand Surgeon Houston, Jeffrey E. Budoff, MD, there are several sports that could cause the serious hand bone fracture more often than the other sports.

Here are the sports that often to cause the hand bone fracture that you should play more carefully:

Basket Ball

As we know, the basketball is played by using the player hand to dribble the ball. The accident are often to happen when the opponent player is trying to steal the ball from the other team, and sometimes the hand of the opponent could accidentally hit the other team player’s hand, and it could cause a bone fracture. Receiving a passed ball which is passed at a high speed with the wrong technique, and the late reaction time could cause the receiver’s hand bone to be broken as well.


Although the TV shows of many wrestling entertainment fights might be just an act, the risk of the hand bone fracture is real. It’s advised for the people, especially children who love that show to never trying to do the professional wrestler’s movement recklessly.